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Global missions


Josh & Jessie



Joshua, Jessie, and their three children, Nathan, Jeanette, and Ethan, live in Zambia. Joshua and Jessie are the Project Managers in Chaisa and Chazanga Compounds in the City of Lusaka. They are responsible for the overall well being of 130 children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The Fort Sackville Project financially supports both their salaries. Join us in praying for workers to come along side them.


James & Nathalie


James, Nathalie, and their 4 children, Mercy, Moravia, Aurora, and Caleb serve in Turkey. Their mission is to create a movement of people toward Christ. Thursday Church financially supports their mission work. Join us in praying lives come to Christ in the country of Turkey.


Travis & Roberta


Juarez, Mexico

Travis and Roberta, along with their two children, Violet and Harvey, live in El Paso, Texas and are on staff with Casas Por Cristo. Travis is a Building Coordinator working in Juarez, Mexico and Roberta is a Team Coordinator. The Faith Store financially supports the Sanders family. Join us in praying protection over them as they serve in a very dangerous city.


Children's Home 

Kakamega, Kenya

Ms. Vicki started Victorious Children’s Home in 2000 with her vision to provide a home for street children. Ms. Vicki currently cares for 142 children at a home that was built for 40. Her burning passion is to make a difference for street children and to introduce them to Christ. She herself was an orphan. Ms. Vicki and the Victorious Children’s Home are financially supported by Gracie’s Restaurant. Join us in praying for financial stability for this ministry.

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