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2019 Guatemala

                                              Chic Family 

Francisca Sian Ajuix de Chic (56) a single mom of three: son Maximiliano Chic Sian (30), daughter Maria Francisca Chic Sian (20) and daughter Maria Magdalena Chic Sian (23). Francisca is a house worker making $20 a week. The family asks for prayers for the build and the home that they are to receive. Please be praying for the Chic family.

*Ages were for 2019

                                             Suruy Family

Francisco Canel Suruy (74) and his wife Romana Suruy (71) along with their two children: Rosa Esmeralda Canel Suruy (35) and Sonia Maribel Canel Suruy (15). Francisco and Romana are local artist who make $30 a week. They are members of Iglesia Evangelica de Cristo Realhuit church. The family ask for prayers for the family's health, work, and spiritual life. Please be praying for the Suruy family.

*Ages were for 2019

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