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2017 Guatemala

                                              De Leon Family 

Carlos Mariano de León (45) and his wife Marta Lucrecia de Leon (45) along with their two children: Jonatan Isaac de León (10), Priscila Varleria de León (1). The pastor is sponsoring his family a home because right now they all live in the church itself. They have land but lack means to afford the cost of a house.

*Ages were for 2017

De Leon Family Update July 24, 2018

                       Miguel Puluc Pixtun and Family

 Miguel Puluc Pixtun (44) and his wife Cristina Chile Patzan de Puluc (43) and their four children: Miguel Angel Puluc Chile (25), Luis Alberto Puluc Chile (23), Jonatan Alexander Puluc Chile (22), and Brandon Elias Puluc Chile (13). Miguel is a laborer who makes $65 a week and Cristina is a housewife. Current home is made of dirt floor and lamina that leaks when it rains. Lack economic means to build adequate house. 

*Ages were for 2017

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