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2015 Guatemala

                           Hermogenes Cotzojay Chamale 

She is 33 and her son is 4 (Angel David).  Her mother Lucila also lives with them.  Angel is in Kindergarden at the Christian school Morning Glory where Hermogenes works.  She cleans for the school but she also works part time as one of our cooks.  When we have several groups building at once Hermogenes cooks and cleans dishes for the groups so it is possible you could have met her before.  She is a quiet, tender hearted woman and loves to serve.  She has been around our organization for a long while, and even though she has a very large need for a home she didn't ask because she said she felt there were probably others out there who needed it worse than her.  It was her pastor and the people around her who asked for her.  We are very excited to be able to build her a home and serve her where she needs it, to pour into her for a week.  She said the biggest reason she looks forward to having a new home is that it gives her hope for her son to know that he will have a safe home to grow up in.  She asked for prayers that God would continue to provide her with work and health so she can continue to provide for her family.

*Ages were for 2015

                       Luis Alfredo Velazquez Siney and Family

       Luis Alfredo Velazquez Siney (29) and Hermellinda Boch Suruy (39) have Luis Emanuel (5) and Lilian Ncelia (1) He's a barber and makes $200 a month. The family as for prayer for their overall health especially, Lilian. They would also like prayers for all family and friends who are not believers. We are so excited to build them a home in June.

*Ages were for 2015

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