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2014 Guatemala

Jhonatan Josue and family

        He and his wife Lina Marisol have 2 kids, Heyssel and Josue.  They are not in school.  Jhonatan is a carpenter and Lina Marisol stays home and cares for their kids.  They said they do not have one part of the house they are most excited for but are just excited to live in their new home.  They asked for prayers for health, and that God would continue to provided for their needs.

Vicente Sian and Family

        He and his wife Rosa have 2 children.  Dayan, who is 8, and Lindida is 5.  Vicente just left for the United States to find work.  This is very common here.  The fathers go with good intentions but usually end up forgetting about their family and making a new life for themselves.  His wife asked for safe travels for him but we are also praying that he stays faithful and can find work and use it to help is family.

Jose Taca Tic and Family

        They have 8 children, and all attend school except for the youngest who is not old enough yet.  Maria is in the 6th grade, Jose is in the 5th, Maria Odilia is in the 5th, Marta is in the 3rd, Juan is in the 2nd, Moses is in the 1st, Edgar is 4years old and Aniva is 1.  For work the father makes firewood.  They are most excited to have a nice house with plenty of room for all their children.  They asked that we pray for continued work and for the health their kids.

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